1. Poems should normally be 3–30 lines.
    Poems over 60 lines will not be considered.
  2. Must be genre/speculative and positive/optimistic.
    Think of the “Amazing” in the name of the magazine.
    To paraphrase the fiction guidelines:
    “We have a strong preference for [poems]
    that take a bright view of human ingenuity
    and the possible futures we can make with it.”
  3. Must be original and unpublished.
    Poems posted to social media are considered published.
  4. No simultaneous submissions.
  5. Submit each poem individually with a maximum
    of three under consideration at any time.
  6. Submit using our online submission system.

    Home Page

    Create an account if you have not already done so.
    Submissions are read all year.
    Feb 15; May 15; Aug 15; and Nov 15 deadlines for
    Summer; Fall; Winter; and Spring issues, respectively.
    Each poem submitted must include a cover letter
    and a 50-word bio.

  7. We use blind judging. Your name and contact info
    should appear in the cover letter, but not on the poem(s).
  8. Do not send us another submission
    until you have heard back from a previous one.
  9. Anticipated response time is up to 3 months.
    Query if you have not heard from us in 3 months.
  10. Standard manuscript format for poetry:
    One-inch margin around all edges, one poem per page,
    single-spaced, American spelling.
  11. Payment is $1/line with a minimum $25 USD.
    You will receive two complimentary copies.

    If your poem is accepted for publication, please note:
    A) Even though rights do revert back to you three months
    after publication, the poem will forever exist in the issue
    it appeared in (print and online), and on storage devices
    that Amazing Stories uses to store its issues.
    B) We would like a publishing credit.